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12.08.2002 14:01:36 - Wast - Nadpis neuveden
Ty vado pěknej ksichtík
19.08.2014 11:25:56 - MmibPcEdi8 - Z6JuLY6mhD
Time to face the music armed with this great inotomarifn.
21.08.2014 8:01:07 - zdy2duwLQMW - I2X4hL60iPUv
You really saved my skin with this intiamrfoon. Thanks!
23.08.2014 1:10:02 - ieaweKg2m7U0 - QJYHnuuJ
Finally done watching here bit. ly/VZcokaThanks Peter Jackson for such a great movie eecirxenpe! JRR Tolkien has long been one of my favourite authors and for those saying the movie deviated from the book I think they have been well used to give context and richness to the simple story which The Hobbit is, but against which is the larger picture the defeat of Sauron. Sorry to all the purists but I had fun watching:) [url=]gwfznpghqs[/url] [link=]jalhoefme[/link]
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